From Procrastination To Productivity In 5 Easy Steps

verb  pro·cras·ti·nate  \prə-ˈkras-tə-ˌnāt, prō-\

: to be slow or late about doing something that should be done : to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.

Oop! 😱When did Merriam-Webster start serving such reads?! That definition has me thinking I typed “Urban dictionary” instead of “Merriam-Webster”. It is often said that the truth hurts and that definition spared no feelings.

In my opinion, procrastination is not a behavior reserved for lazy people. I do, however, think that we suffer from the ILLUSION that we have more time than we really do.

Procrastination is often indicated by a bogged down, anxiety ridden, thought filled mind. It can also be detected when the owner of a cell phone feels a tinge of carpel tunnel in their thumb after scrolling 3 hours on the gossip blogs. There you will surely find a phone on 3%.

Procrastination has been habituated as a part of our culture. All of us suffer from the permeating and debilitating arms of procrastination. Don’t believe me?

So your phone is on 3% do you …

A. Exit out of unused apps
B. Turn the brightness down on your phone
C. Let the phone get to 1% and continue scrolling

Wait! Don’t answer that! Back to the definition…

Procrastinate – : to be slow or late about doing something that should be done

According to this definition we are doing the things we MUST do like going to work, taking a shower daily, and eating. But what about the things we should do? Like going to the gym, making direct deposits from each check to our 401k ( WE WILL NOT HAVE SOCIAL SECURITY. PLEASE START DOING THIS), or making steps towards our entrepreneurial goals.
And the list goes on….

These are things we should do. These are things that are essential to making us feel at ease and accomplished. These are things as important as the tasks we MUST do. We all have a huge purpose for being on this Earth. We can’t let the habit of procrastination rob us of the time to do the things that make us feel alive.

Listed below are 5 simple and easy to incorporate tips to go from procrastination to productivity…

1.      Each night, make a to do list for the next day.
2.      Each morning, give thanks. Review it. Then do it.
3.      If a task takes less than. 10 minutes and you are                        free. DO IT IMMEDIATELY.
4.      Set your alarm 1 hour earlier. Use the time to work                  towards your future.

Do the math: 365 days in a year x 1 hour a day= 365 hours =    15 days
You have just added 2 weeks to your personal development😱

5.      Always keep in mind. Life is too short to waste.

I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer or jump down your throat to tell you that you are doing things wrong, wrong, wrong. You’re not, you are trying your best. I am simply saying  we are all susceptible to falling short of our mark and that is okay. We all get off the beaten path sometimes but WE have to be responsible for our lives and redirect our course to complete our mission. Much like the phone on 3% given no action it will die. Whatever your mission, purpose, or dream, it will never come to pass if you keep saying tomorrow I will run. Tomorrow I will read. Tomorrow I will pray. Tomorrow may never come.

Don’t forget about today. ❤️

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Endure. Just Endure.


If you want to focus your efforts and gain the encouragement to finish a project this is the read for you…

I’m sure you have heard this before, “the race is not given to the swift, nor the strong, but (s)he that endures until the end.” This will never be truer than in the environment of college. You will come into contact with people on a daily basis that seem to be out running the race and that may either light a fire under you to work harder or be skeptical of your own ability. I often tell you guys to use those around you (your competition) to set your pace but today I have something very different to say.



Time and time again you will hear people come up with brilliant ideas, start projects, join awesome groups… but where will they be in the end? In a couple of months they will have gone on to the next big thing, next idea, and next group of friends. And true! Their touted list of benefits will sound even better than the last time but what will be the end?

The ability to set yourself apart as an endurER, as a man or woman of your word, as a mover and shaker that can see a project through until the end will make you rare and elite. We live in a popcorn society yall! Listen to me when I say setting your pace, enduring, and honing your craft will not get you praise. No one will immediately check for you or call you the greatest However, the character it takes to stick to your commitments, the skills and tactics you learn from withstanding the fire can be used to succeed in so many different areas.

Here are some tips to be sure you will finish your race!

  1. Check its worth.

Will the activity yield a return?

Will it build your resume?

  1. Check motives.

How much does it mean to you?

Is the time spent worth it or can you be doing something better?

  1. Check you.

Are you in the right place to take on additional work?

Are you over booked?

Are you truly interested?


These are just some check points for you. In life there are things we must do like work or complete a semester and then there are things we choose to do like volunteer, join a group, or club. Both things can have an impeccable impact on our lives but mostly when it aligns with our interests, morals, values, and we are able to be present and endure until the end. Just because a friend or family member is ranting and raving about how they are spending extra time and creating connections doesn’t mean it is right for us. We all have to learn to listen to our core and respect the time we have to spend. Sometimes we have to learn to take a pass or to say no.

Before this semester gets too far gone I just wanted to share a valuable lesson with you all about having the character, perseverance, judgment, and stick-to-it-ness to ENDURE.

I truly do love each of you for reading and know you will have a fantastic semester. Get out there and GO GET IT!


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Diversity Is The Spice Of Life

Lately, more of our differences have been highlighted than our similarities. As more violence and difference of opinions emerge we have to remember the true power of diversity. Diversity, the mixing of cultures, and the need to learn to co-exist are some of the things that makes college a unique and valuable experience. For four years, you will be in close quarters with those that come from totally different backgrounds and are expected to co-exist. The way you handle this experience will most likely be the way you handle differences in the future.

During college and in general others ideals may challenge your own. Others may even contest values that you hold near and dear and could never imagine living without. As well, others may say or do things that are contrary to your morals. You may even find yourself in a situation where someone as close as a roommate could be offensive to your core beliefs. This world, college is not supposed to change who you are but develop you to be your best self.

I would stand to say that if you can manage to maintain your own views in a world where there is so much noise and still be TOLLERANT that everyone is entitled to their opinion… you are truly a thought leader.
My go-getters, it seems the world has forgotten the core principal that separates the human race from the primitive animal species, the flexibility of thought. It is not too late for you to resist going into to your own corner. Choose not to pick a part your neighbor’s differences but learn from the experiences of others both good and bad. Decide now that when presented with the opinion or beliefs of someone else to take what will make you better, store the things you will need later, and discard the rest.
You are just that smart. Be a leader. Stand for YOUR cause. Understand that everyone won’t accept your gospel. That doesn’t make them bad. It makes them different.

Until Next Time,

xoxo Bria


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Summers Are For Finding Yourself And Losing Baggage

Summers are a time that just give us the FEELS. You know what I
mean… We get out more, interact more, and do more! Whether our
reflection is bouncing back from a community pool, ocean water, or a
snap chat filter, summers are an appropriate time to define who we are
and who we will be in the next leg of the year.

Here’s why:
We can choose to be with others during summer but we very well have the choice of being alone. This isn’t going to be as easy when fall rolls around and we are surrounded by thousands of people on a college campus. I’ll
just say, sifting through the things we will tolerate, boundaries,what our
morals are, the definition of our character, and what we want to be known
for is much easier to define in our grandmothers basement than at a
kick back. And there will be many kick backs. So please take all the
ME time you need to focus and develop yourself this summer.

You will thank me later.

I had to learn the lesson so I will share it with you. When you get to
school you may gain more “friends” by just going with the crowd but
you will gain respect by being yourself. Most people will FIT but the
difference and the advantage of being KNOWN for who you are and being
UNIQUE has far more value. I’m not saying to be perfect. I’m saying to
DECIDE the kind of person you want to be before you’re becoming
someone you never imagined.

Most of us, especially in the early years of college have no
shortage of friend options. But, I’ve just got to get real. I don’t know if it’s the heat or the thrill but, people SHOW THEMSELVES in summer (and not the good way). Whatever friend we made last fall/winter won’t be a friend by the end of summer. And it’ll throw us for a loop. We will fester on the drama. Gasp at the audacity. But, it will happen just like clock work. Every
summer. Listen and look closely to the actions people commit towards
you and little of their  words.

With this, you will also thank me later.

People come to our lives for a season, but we are foevaaaa. 🙂

It’ll help if you just remember what summers are for.

Finding ourselves and losing baggage.

Until next time xoxo


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We Are The Company We Keep

Cross Roads image

Did you know that the studies show that we are the average of the five
people closest to us? That means we are essentially the variety
package of our best friend, significant other, parents, and
grandparents. I don’t know about y’all but that concept is amazing to
me! That explains why everyone is always telling us to watch the
company we keep because… We are them! Duh! Lol

The summers in between school have always been the most revealing for
me about the company I kept. Each summer I would realize just how much
I’d grown or was remaining stagnant by my circle of friends.  I can
literally look back and identify where I was in life by which I spent most of my time.

As our dreams develop and we become more ambitious and
focused…we should naturally gravitate to others that have the same goals.
This does happen for the most part. But what happens when it’s not the
most part and the company we keep are not always going the same
direction we are?

I know, I know we’ve known them our whole lives and have been
through so much with them. But what are they doing for us now? Let’s think
about our closest friends, name them one by one. Sometimes they can
be counted on one hand and sometimes they number 10 or more. It just
depends on if you are being a “Social Susie” or a “Secluded Sammy”.
Regardless of where we stand every single one of our friends should
bring a value to the table. Not yesterday, not last week, but TODAY

Relationships take a lot to build and even more to maintain. It’s so
important that the people closest to us deserve our love and
attention and have the capacity to return it!

Remember we are the average of the company we keep!

When was the last time you did a circle check? !

I’m doing one right now! Join me!

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Gifting Our Graduates- Changing The Conversation

It’s the month of May, the weekend is either filled with a wedding or a graduation. Both occasions are worthy of gifting. Gifts for special occasions or accomplishments have been the way we say “I Love You” or “You Are Important To Me” to our closest friends and family members. This gift season I would like to change the conversations we are having with our loved ones and the way we ultimately show that we care.

Specifically when it comes to a graduate instead of the typical question “What do you want for graduation?” Change your question to, “What expense can I take care of for graduation.”

Okay so let’s get real. For most graduates the best thing and most immediate gratification to walking across the stage is the huge financial down pour that will ensue. A 17 year old, with no bills, no real expenses, and a wad of cash is sure to lead to problems and quickly. The summer after spending graduation money is spent with students with their hands out and parents with their eyebrows turned up asking “Where did your graduation money go?”

The period after graduation is the first time one has the opportunity to prioritize how they will handle large sums of money. It is an opportunity both for students and for family to set a standard and expectation for the way finances should be managed. If we are going to produce a generation of degrees and financial literacy we MUST change the way we gift even in the height of celebration.

If you or your family members are having a hard time thinking of a gift for a graduate here are a few expenses that seem to slip through the cracks and come back to bite students and  parents in the back later.

-Senior Pictures

-Class Rings

-Graduation Invitations

-Housing Deposits

-Freshman Orientation Fees

-College visitation gas/hotel

If all of their immediate expenses are taken care of, they are # 1 blessed, and # 2 don’t need another Starbucks or Walmart gift card.  Instead think about the things they seem to love and buy a share of stock. For example my freshman year I became a vegetarian, if someone would have purchased me just 1 stock in the company I purchased my veggie nuggets from, I could use that now to help with student debt IN A BIG WAY. Their stock has tripled since I went to college.

Here are some sites for that:,,

Let’s all show love in a way that extends beyond the immediate and make a difference for our graduates by asking, “What expense can I contribute or pay?”

Go Get It,



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Conquering College Courses

Believe it or not, picking classes can be the most important decision to start the semester. Here are 6 tips to help you choose your classes and set yourself up for success right from the very start.
1. Pick classes at times that work for you.
-There is no need to sign up for a class you won’t attend, you can’t pass it.
2. Working students, strategically pick a MWF schedule.
-You can’t be at two places at once. Put things in your life in order. This schedule will help you to think about work when at work and vice versa.
3. Quality over Quantity
-My recommendation is to take 12 credits per semester. You’ll be a full time student but not overwhelmed. Remember this is the 4 year balancing act; not the Amazing Race.
4. Balanced Course load
-Take an even balance of reading intensive classes and math based classes that don’t require a ton of maintenance outside the classroom.
5. Avoid Summer Class Burnout
-Take 1 course per session. These high intensity, 6 week classes can get really out of hand once you get going. Don’t try to be superwoman.
Split Em’ Up.
6. Do Your Homework
-Know if you gel with a professor before even sitting through a lecture by using Watch out for the chili pepper as this is an indicator that this professor is a good choice.

Go Get It Guys!!

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3 Ways To Overcome The Fear of Perfection

Is Perfection Getting In The Way Of Your Passion?

It’s easy for us to identify when we have a talent and gifts. But, what is standing in between our gift and taking action to make our dreams reality? I’ve experienced many times others telling me that I’m really REALLY good at something and have potential to be great at it, earn attention, AND income. That can get anyone really excited, just feeling the ability to be able to do something can be enough. Usually, feelings of motivation to work towards it will follow. That is… Until, being faced with the fear of being imperfect.

We all have a voice or voices of doubt that keep us from making that step forward and pushing past the barrier that is between our potential and living in our passion.

Let’s visit the idea of “the voice”. You know what I mean; when we do something publicly like make a Facebook status, IG post, or speak in front of a crowd; thinking about the voice of OTHER can become overwhelming. Most strong is the judgmental voice of people that know us. Thoughts start to emerge… “will they mock me, think I’m a fraud, or have no respect for me and my talent.” Sometimes “the voice” can be so overwhelming that we begin to think it is our own voice. The fear is very real and can also cripple and inhibit us from stepping into our promise.

Here are 3 ways to overcome that fear, be confident in your talent,
and be steadfast in the pursuit of your passion.

  1. Ask yourself, “What is your purpose?”
    If your purpose is to serve yourself. You probably won’t be able to
    push past fear because your intention isn’t right to begin with. IF
    your purpose is to serve your global community and you are coming from
    an honest and genuine place… BE CONFIDENT.

You deserve to be heard.

  1. Ask yourself, “Are you prepared?”
    Preparation is synonymous with being deserving of your audiences time
    and attention. Not only do you have an innate talent but you took the
    time to hone your craft and develop your skills.

You deserve to be heard.

  1. Ask yourself who has the power.
    Will you allow the imaginary “voice” overpower your own. You have
    figured out your purpose and prepared yourself for this moment. Even
    if someone openly challenges you, your intention, and your worthiness.
    Meet that with humility. Either you can grow from what they say or you
    will disregard it because the nay-sayer is not adding value.
    Give yourself the power.

You deserve to be heard.

I’m writing today to simply remind you to never, never, never allow
fear out of its place. Operate in integrity by making sure your
purpose is clear and support your personal brand by making sure you
are prepared and have developed your talent. Be kind to yourself
because it takes time! Perfection is an unrealistic goal but PREPARED
is most beneficial to you and the recipients that need your light.

What is one talent that you want to focus on developing before the end
of this year? Let’s make a plan and set some BRAVE (Bold, Reportable,
Attainable, Verifiable, Evaluated) goals on how to attain it.

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